The Aeroflow Hot Rods are ready for action!

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods are burning into Perth Motorplex tomorrow and with them are some of the wildest race cars the country has ever seen.

The recipe is near insanity. Take a 3000 horsepower, nitro burning motor from an Aeroflow Outlaw Funny Car, then put it into a hot rod with less wheelbase, less aerodynamics and less weight and see if the driver can control it!

For Aeroflow series manager Morice Mcmillin, it’s all just part of just another day at work. “It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny cars or the Aeroflow Hot Rods, we get such a great response from the Perth public. We just love racing in the west,” he said.

McMillin was the winner of last season’s inaugural Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods event in Western Australia, winning a pedalfest final 6.33 to 6.40 against Rick Gauci. McMillin, who droves ‘Spooky’, said he would like to see a repeat of that luck. “From a ‘Spooky’ point of view we had an awesome event last time out, taking the event win in a wild crazy entertaining race against ‘Chucky,’” he said.

“Fingers crossed we can do it again.” Keen for revenge however is Gauci, driver of ‘Chucky’s Toy’. If there is one thing the movie villain ‘Chucky’ is known for it is coming back time after time with a new plan. “’Chucky’s Toy’ is the most unpredictable drag car I have ever driven,” he said. “I swear this Nitro Hot Rod is possessed by ‘Chucky’ himself.

“The only thing ‘Spooky’ about the winner’s circle this time is going to be ‘Chucky’ on the side of our car.” Mcmillin let slip on a surprise for fans to come at the event, with a fresh Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rod coming along with the team.

“We will have our brand new Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rod ‘Agro’ on display in the pits, so if you ever wanted to sit in one of these wild nitro burning beasts, come down to the Aeroflow pit area and get your photo taken.”

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods will be supported by an entertaining program including the Summer Slam, where a full field of Top Doorslammers including John Zappia and Daniel Gregorini will battle it out, and Nitro Bike match racing between Jay Upton and Mark Drew.

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods might be based out of Sydney, some four days of driving away, but they say Perth Motorplex is like their home track. Every time they come to the Motorplex, one of the world’s premier drag racing venues, the show is spectacular and this weekend will be no different as four of the 3000 horsepower nitro burning Hot Rods coming to WA.

Queensland driver Justin Walshe said everything always seems to come together at the Motorplex. “Perth, nitro and good times seem to go hand in hand for all of us here at Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars and Hot Rods,” he said. “In a very strange kind of way it has almost become our home track.Which makes no sense when you consider all the drivers come from all over the country including Sydney, Queensland, Perth and we even have one of those Kiwi guys as well! “We love Perth fans and the venue is second to none, the officials know how to run an event and always look after the racers.

The support categories are always great and the local racers put on one hell of a show. “The fans are in for another killer event.” Walshe, who has driven a number of very quick cars throughout his drag racing career, will be steering ‘Berzerk’ and hopes to turn up a victory. “It is great fun and something I thoroughly look forward to every time,” he said. “I think it might be time to school Rick, Shane and Morice on Nitro Hot Rod driving and stop playing the nice guy.

Time for three wins I say.” Joining Walshe will be Shane Olive, who is also tasked with driving the truck containing the Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods across the country. Walshe drives the legendary ‘Psycho’ hot rod and wants to see a five second run from the car for the first time. “I can sum this little hot rod up with one word – it is truely ‘Psycho,’” he said.

“We’re looking to run the car’s first five second pass. “We have come close with a bunch of 6.0 second passes but it’s now time for that five second pass to keep up with the other boys.” Sportsman qualifying begins from 11am with the Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rod feature program commencing from 5.30pm.

Don’t miss out on any of the action this Saturday night, grab your tickets today!


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