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Rule Summary

Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars are all about entertainment.

Weight: 2250lbs with driver

Engine: Any big block style using aluminium block and heads with16 push rods and valves (no overhead cams) up to 500

Ignition: Any single magneto, coil & retard system allowed.

Fuel System: Up to 34 gallon pump eg.- Waterman ‘mini bertha’ with1.5” gear. up to 26 nozzles allowed eg. -10 in hat and 16 inch manifold, no down nozzles.

Supercharger: Any 6-71 standard helix, set back allowed (not to extend past front of the engine plate) any overdrive up to 50%.​

Clutch: Up to 4 discs allowed, maximum number of clutch levers is 6, lock up clutches prohibited.

Rear End: Gear ratio limited to 3.50 or numerically higher eg.- 3.90 etc., full floating assembly mandatory.

Transmission: Planetary type design (Lenco or B&J) 2-speed only, automatic transmissions and convertors prohibited.

Brakes: 4 wheel discs, carbon on rear mandatory.

Tyres: Race only spec on front, 34.5 x 17 slicks on rear.

Wheels: Front must be billet or spun aluminium, rear bead lock only, cast wheels prohibited.

Body: Limited to one piece automotive sedan/coupe style capped no later than 2002.

Car Name: Every car competing in the AONFC needs to have a suitable crowd friendly name. Car names must be displayed on the side of the car in a font and size that is easily identifiable and can be read from the grand stands The car name is an important part of the AONFC show. It’s what engages the fans to support a particular car.

All vehicles must comply to the regulations (ANDRA or otherwise) enforced by the venues at which they compete. A full list of the rules can be found in the ANDRA Rulebook.


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