Father and Daughter 400km/h battle to feature at Nitro Up North

Father and Daughter 400km/h battle to feature at Nitro Up North. Driving a Nitro funny car at over 400km/h is a very nerve-racking proposition for any one, When your daughter is driving one of these 4000 horsepower nitro burning beasts in the lane next to you it would be hard not to be distracted.

For Perth based Anthony Begley he must put this aside when he lines up next to his daughter Emma as the opening pass at Hidden Valley raceway on July 13th. “Honestly it’s a lot of fun, and as luck would have we drew each other first pairing” beamed Anthony. “I think I am more comfortable in the lane next to Emma than watching her, She (Emma) always wanted to race nitro Funny cars. To watch your daughter living her dreams makes any parents proud but to do it with her makes it that little bit more special.

When asked what Emma’s mum thinks of her racing Anthony could only laugh “I think Jayne has a favourite and im pretty sure its not me. But seriously she supports us both and with our youngest son Connor looking to get into the class in the next two years it will be a full family affair.

We love this series from the big fields to the tight racing and the access to the fans, Bring on Nitro up north” 21 year old Emma on the other hand was more about getting one back on her dad “We have raced (each other) twice already, and dad has beaten me both times so I’m pretty keen to see if we can return serve”.

Always a fan favourite at the Aeroflow Pit Party, Emma is excited to meet the Darwin crowd. “I love going to new tracks and meeting new fans, we work really hard to give the public access to the drivers and cars. Seeing the enjoyment on young boys and girls’ faces is priceless.

The Pit Party give us time to talk to the kids and their families before we have to worry about the stress of racing. I can’t wait. Nitro Up North Kicks off at 4.30pm with the Aeroflow Pit party which is free with every entry ticket to the event. The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro funny cars will be on track at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.

Hidden Valley Dragstrip – July 13 www.hiddenvalleydrags.com


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